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  • Esplanade Place Condominiums Phoenix

    Spectacular views from the Esplanade Place Condominiums Phoenix pool level, located at: 2402 E Esplanade Ln. Contact me for more details! Photo Credit: The Marta Walsh Group, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.

  • Scottsdale Waterfront Residences

    Just 2 days after I moved to Russ Lyon’s Waterfront office it’s interesting that I will be working with a home buyer¬†today at the residences at Scottsdale Waterfront. Reminds me of the quote. “Energy flows where attention goes.” by anonymous. Today the weather is terrible. So I am sure the views will not be perfect. […]

  • How Real Estate Sentiment Can Change. Fast.

    I was grabbing a quick coffee this morning and saw this. Sentiment is a funny thing and it can change quite fast. John Maynard Keynes coined the term ‘animal spirits’ in regards to speculation and consumer confidence. If you want a very detailed read on the subject try Paul Tetlock’s “Giving Content to Investor Sentiment:The […]

  • Downsizing in the Desert

    After the property market had it’s recent correction downsizing became a hot concept. People just didn’t want 7,000 square feet McMansion’s as much any ¬†more. What if you want to downsize but also stay in the heart of the desert? There are options. SOme of the more recent condominium builds in places such as DC […]

  • Advice For Real Estate Investors

    The Phoenix area is ripe for investors now and has been for some time. From 2001 there was tons of money being made as people just saw huge price run ups and huge capital gains on their rental properties. From the end of 2006 the opportunity was buying depressed properties at a steep discount then […]

  • Urban Living in Phoenix Metro

    Quite often clients will tell me of their desire for urban living but staying in the Phoenix metro area. Then two demographics it seems to suit most are young unmarried professionals or the downsizing brigade. The desire is for more stuff within walking distance, more of a buzz and the ease of lock and leave […]