How Much Is My Home Worth?

Before  even considering a sale the first step is to get an approximate idea of how much your home is worth. One popular way for people to get an approximate idea has been to look up their home on real estate portal Their Zestimate is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

While that is a good start I can provide a more personalized service. Just send me your current address and I will email you back an analysis based on comparable local sales. I will not send you anything other than the analysis unless you ask for further help. Just email me: Email:

What Will You Receive?

A detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) of homes for sale, pending sale and recently sold in your area.

A price range of what your home may be worth based on the square footage of your home compared to properties covered by the CMA.

A free mousepad.

Email me for a free mousepad :)

That is all 🙂