Tips For Selling Your Home in a Bad Economy

The economic data can get quite overwhelming at the moment. Home builder sentiment is down. While house prices have definitely stabilized in Scottsdale, and some media is printing positive stories, in general confidence on the street seems a little low.

For many people the real estate market is just too much right now. They don’t want to deal with the competition from lender owned properties, buyers looking for a ‘deal’, and for some people just the realization that their home is worth a lot less than they paid for it. But some people have to sell. For work. For family reasons.

So if you are a home seller who really needs to sell what can you do?

Present Impeccably – Prices are depressed but in Scottsdale now we also have a very low inventory. Homes are selling just make sure your home is presented at it’s very best. For both photographs and for showings. Depersonalize and declutter.

Don’t chase the market – If you want to sell badly price correctly right from the start. The MLS is littered with people who have chased the market down since 2006. Always pricing 10-20% above market. Then as the market moved lower they dropped price with the market but stayed always at a premium.  If sellers priced correctly in 2007 they would of sold for far more than chasing the market down.

Don't Chase the Market Down
Don't Chase the Market Down

Get a Great REALTOR – In these economic times the number of people trying to sell their own home is dropping. It’s also not a good time to pick a REALTOR who is a members of the family who also has a full time job as a fireman or pharmacist. Pick a REALTOR with great Internet presence, beautiful professional photography for listings and one from a brokerage with a proven track record in your market.

If you need any help from me in selling your home feel free to give me a call.

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