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  • When Does A Smoke Alarm Battery Cost $10,000?

    When it’s in a multi million dollar house for sale, and it’s beeping and no one cares enough to change it. This is not an uncommon thing. It’s a $2 fix. But no one has the attention to detail to take initiative and fix it. The owners are out of town and the selling agent […]

  • When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House

    This question is addressed on Time.com today. Some of the points in the article ring true for our area but some points are just not correct in this market. Real estate is hyper local. The best day of the month to make an offer on a house is the first Tuesday. Why early in the month? […]

  • Low Ball Offers

    Recently heard on the ground from a client. “Why didn’t I even get any low ball offers?” Short answer. Because you were overpriced. Do People Make Low Ball Offers? Not really. Because buyers and their agents don’t really believe they will be successful. If a seller seems delusional with price chances are they will remain delusional during a negotiation. Is […]

  • Home Sellers Required

    You may of heard mutterings in the real estate world about low inventory. It’s quite a real problem for buyers in certain areas at certain price points. There’s just not that many homes to choose from and the ones that are available the good ones are many times preferring to take cash from investors rather […]

  • Real Estate Pricing Pyramid

    Today in small downtime from paperwork I decided to do a quick research on the relationship between price and days on the market. I came across something called the Real Estate Pricing Pyramid. As you can see from the Google image results above the pricing pyramid is a popular fellow! However the source, publisher, methodology […]

  • Paradise Valley Housing Inventory Continuing To Build

    For a while I’ve been noting the low inventory of homes for sale in Paradise Valley. Since the end of Q3 2011 that’s been turning around a little. In November 2011 I noted it Paradise Valley active for sale as 291. Today fully active for sale in PV sits at 321. So in just over […]