Category: Marketing

  • The Costs of Hiring An Average Agent

    Picking a real estate agent is something that is often taken lightly. That can be a very costly mistake. Not costly in an obscure way that leads to frustration. I mean in a literal financial loss of tens of thousands of dollars directly attributable to a below par agent. This also not the cost that […]

  • The 3 P’s of Selling Your House

    Selling a house takes a combination of factors. Here are the three things you should make sure are in place if you want your home to sell fast. Product You need to have a good product. That means doing the small things to make sure your home is an attractive proposition to buyers. This can […]

  • Real Estate Pricing Strategy | A Case Study

    Pricing your home when selling is very important. Most people get it wrong. Most agents get it wrong. Here’s an example of pricing gone wrong. JC Penney changed their prcing strategy. Within a year their retail President was gone and share price is being hammered. Price psychology was underestimated and they are paying a hefty […]

  • Open Houses This Weekend – Win a Free iPad

    This weekend I will be sitting on two open houses. One in Scottsdale and one in Paradise Valley. Call me if you would like to know where. One of the things I am handing out is my new postcard and this is particularly interesting if you are thinking to list your home for sale. This […]

  • What A Picture

    When you search in the MLS you come across some fairly unusual pictures. This one today was part of the marketing of a $735,000 home. Needless to say I don’t think this photo is going to help anyone decide to plunk down almost three quarter of a million dollars. If you are thinking to list […]

  • Do You Have a Nice Pool?

    If you have a pool with a nice water feature. Imagine how much more life your property listing would have in the MLS if they had some movement. Or your twinkly city light views actually twinkling. All this is easy to achieve, as long as you have a tech savvy agent 🙂