What Makes My Website Memorable?

Ok well this morning we were challenged by the ever thought provoking Ricardo Bueno to test what first time visitors find most memorable about your website.

To facilitate the challenge he suggests using an app called ClueApp which is a very easy way to try and harness some user comments.

If you would like to help me find out what stands out to you about this site please click here to take the 1 minute test.

I use google analytics to try and work out exactly how users spend their time on my site but in addition to that I guess it never hurts just to ask them. Thanks!

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2 Responses to What Makes My Website Memorable?

  1. Hey Marta,

    Why thank you for the kind words and thanks for standing up to the challenge 🙂

    I can tell you what I like about your site:
    – Clean, crisp header,
    – Contact information readily accessible,
    – Bio readily accessible (so I know who you are),
    – It’s evident you’re an agent and with whom

    The one thing that’s not so clear to me is where I can navigate to search for homes. I do see where to access the Home Search, but it’s way below the fold near the footer of the site :-/ Otherwise, all stars!

  2. Marta Walsh says:

    Thanks for the feedback Ricardo.

    I’m going to have a play with the layout of the sidebar. WordPress widgets really make that the simplest task ever 🙂

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