Category: Market Analysis

  • The Costs of Hiring An Average Agent

    Picking a real estate agent is something that is often taken lightly. That can be a very costly mistake. Not costly in an obscure way that leads to frustration. I mean in a literal financial loss of tens of thousands of dollars directly attributable to a below par agent. This also not the cost that […]

  • Why Our Market Will Be Ok

    This is a graph produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its shows net migration by county. Here is the legend. As you can see people are moving west. And Maricopa county is a very popular destination. What Does This Mean For Real Estate? Demand. Constant demand. New build, where possible. Right now the market is […]

  • Institutional Investors Buying Traditional Sales

    Mike Orr of ASU published in his The popular impression is that institutional investors buy their homes in bulk from a bank’s foreclosure inventory or at trustee sale. The reality is very different. If we examine all of Blackstone’s purchases since they first hit the Maricopa County area in April 2012, the vast majority were […]

  • Why Are House Prices Rising?

    There are a number of reasons why house prices in Arizona are rising currently. There’s macro factors like long term population growth, family dynamics etc. The simplest driver of prices right now is lack of supply of homes for sale. Every day agents log in to the MLS and search for homes for their clients. […]

  • Luxury Real Estate Financing Trends

    Financing is an important factor in the stability of the housing market. At the luxury end of the market you are talking about big loans with significant risk to the investor. I decided to take a look sales on a year by year basis to see how the balance of cash vs. conventional financing was […]

  • Phoenix Metro House Prices Rising

    The Case Shiller report for house prices was released yesterday. The index was up again in September. It has posted gains every month since September 2011. Phoenix metro is up 20.4% in the last 12 months. Making us by far the hottest real estate market covered in the 20 city Case Shiller report. I created a […]