Category: Marta Walsh

  • Testimonial From A Happy Seller

    It’s nice when by doing the best job possible you achieve exactly the result your client was hoping for and more. This testimonial means a lot to me because it really breaks down my philosophy in helping home sellers with a true concierge experience start to finish. When we signed the construction contract for our […]

  • Recent Client Testimonial

    It’s so important to be consistent and available to clients. Everyones timeline for when they need help is different. Real estate is especially like that because needs, goals and dreams can change so easily. This sale was such a nice story and so glad we could help and be part of it. _________________________________________________________ Please use our testimonial, […]

  • Just Arrived | New Mousepads

    Look what just landed via UPS from our friends at Foothills Printing. Lots of real estate agents give away calendars etc. but I prefer something that hints a bit more at my tech savvyness and excellent online marketing. A mousepad. I designed it to be understated and just mirror the excellent Sotheby’s brand. The easiest […]

  • Lunch with Salma Hayek

    This post has nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with unashamed self promotion 🙂 Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to lunch with the very beautiful Salma Hayek. You may not know but in my spare time from being a REALTOR in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley with Russ […]

  • Rebirth.

    I was living in New York City on September 11, 2001. I never worked in the World Trade Center although I did take a trading class there sometimes. None of us will ever forget that day. Being remembered in Paradise Valley, Arizona with flags at half mast. My sister sent me an iPhone picture she […]

  • Advice For Real Estate Investors

    The Phoenix area is ripe for investors now and has been for some time. From 2001 there was tons of money being made as people just saw huge price run ups and huge capital gains on their rental properties. From the end of 2006 the opportunity was buying depressed properties at a steep discount then […]