Heading To New York

Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be on a brief trip to New York City. My old hometown. My trip is being paid for by CVS pharmacy, because of my fashion and beauty blog www.talkingmakeup.com

I’ll be having lunch with Selma Hayek. As she is launching a new makeup line in partnership with CVS. (If you have any questions to pose to Selma just let me know.)

Today I had to buy an umbrella.

New York Weather Forecast

Definitely going to need the umbrella.

Here’s  an iPhone snap taken from the head office of Estee Lauder from a previous visit to NYC. Great view.

New York City From the Estee Lauder Offices
New York City From the Estee Lauder Offices

I’m looking forward to my trip but I’ll also be looking forward to being back home in Scottsdale early Friday. I’ll be busy with real estate again on Saturday.