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  • Heading To New York

    Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be on a brief trip to New York City. My old hometown. My trip is being paid for by CVS pharmacy, because of my fashion and beauty blog www.talkingmakeup.com I’ll be having lunch with Selma Hayek. As she is launching a new makeup line in partnership with CVS. (If you have […]

  • Tommy Hilfiger Has Hotel Designs

    New York City Real Estate. According to an article by Craig Karmin in the wsj.com: ” Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger, known for his preppy American style, is hoping that same formula can catch on in the increasingly design-conscious hotel industry. Mr. Hilfiger and a business partner have signed a contract to pay $170 million for the […]

  • Heather Mills Sells NYC Condo on Perry Street

    The reason I find this article interesting is because of its mention of Perry Street in New York City. Perry Street means a lot to me considering not too long ago it was my own address in the city. Luxury Condo: The 1,800-square-foot apartment is in one of three celebrity-filled Richard Meier-designed highrises overlooking the Hudson River in western […]