Choosing a Buyers Agent

There are many important reasons to work with a real estate agent when buying a new property whether it is for your main home or a vacation or investment property. Over 90% of home searches begin online and thats a great place to start but when you are ready to actually start to see homes it’s important to have an agent by your side.

The advantages are as follows.

It’s Free!
Many buyers, especially first time buyers, do not realize that you can work with an agent assisting you to buy a home free of charge. The agent is only compensated if you close a deal and that payment comes from the sellers proceeds.

Time Saving
A great agent will know the inventory of properties in their area. They can sift out properties that do not meet your criteria. In real estate in a particular price bracket in an area there are often 10’s or 100’s of properties but only a small percentage of those are priced fairly to sell. You can save a lot of time avoiding overpriced listings.

Having someone to do the negotiation on your behalf can take a lot of the stress out of a real estate transaction. Working directly with the selling agent may mean he or she has the sellers interest above your own.

Not many people relish doing paperwork on their own. A good agent will be well versed in all the necessary forms in completing a transaction and here in Arizona all REALTORS mainly use a standard purchase contract so your agent should have a good working knowledge of this.

Working with buyers is always a pleasure for me as you can truly get the sense of helping people to find their dream home. If you are considering a purchase in the coming months feel free to connect with me to discuss your options.