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  • Scottsdale: Buying vs Renting

    I was just looking in the Multiple Listing Service to find out some of the options out there for buying a home in Scottsdale versus renting. There are 1,761 single family homes fully active for sale in Scottsdale currently. For rent the number is only 457. So choice is definitely lower for renters. Renting in […]

  • Warren Buffett Betting on Housing

    Warren Buffett is buying into real estate companies. While his comments stop short of saying when a recovery will occur he is fully confident it will. The slump is “a necessary correction, but it is not a correction that’s over in a day or a week or a month,” Buffett said at Fortune magazine’s Most […]

  • The Hard Sell

    When did the hard sell ever work? There was one time a sales person ran out of a furniture store to give me his card and tell me about a special offer he can give me if I just call him. Result, I’ll never step foot in that furniture store again. Or the sales person […]

  • Forget The Market. Buy A House. And A One Handed Catch.

    This story had a catchy title. Forget the Market. Buy a House. While it’s not a particularly thorough article.  Some of the sentiment rings true to what’s actually happening in the market. That being that people are so concerned about the state of the market that they forget some of the other reasons to buy […]

  • Buying Cheaper Than Renting

    CNN is reporting again that in the current market buying a home in most US cities is cheaper than renting an equivalent property. In addition to a continuing decline in home prices, rock-bottom interest rates have added a lot of weight to the buy side of the scale. The overnight average rate for a 30-year fixed was […]

  • Real Estate in Fountain Hills, Arizona

    One thing I never knew about Fountain Hills was that it was actually a master planned community like Scottsdale Ranch, Desert Mountain or DC Ranch. From the towns official website: The Town of Fountain Hills is a master planned community established in 1970 by McCulloch Properties (now MCO Properties, Inc.). Prior to 1970 the area […]