Real Estate in Fountain Hills, Arizona

One thing I never knew about Fountain Hills was that it was actually a master planned community like Scottsdale Ranch, Desert Mountain or DC Ranch.

From the towns official website:

The Town of Fountain Hills is a master planned community established in 1970 by McCulloch Properties (now MCO Properties, Inc.). Prior to 1970 the area was a cattle ranch and was part of one of the largest land and cattle holdings in Arizona. The land was purchased by Robert McCulloch in the late 1960s and the community designed by Charles Wood, Jr. (designer of Disneyland in southern California).

Fountain Hills does have a rather self contained feel to it, a bit like Carefree does. It seems to be one of those places people are either madly in love with or just don’t care for.

I recently helped a client secure a rental with beautiful views in Fountain Hills. The one thing you cannot deny is some of the homes there have exceptional mountain views and some of the real estate is just as beautiful.

If you are interested in buying a home in Fountain Hills make sure to continue reading to see some beautiful listings.

Home For Sale in Fountain Hills, Arizona

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  1. Mark Gridley says:

    I’ve lived in Fountain Hills since 1973. My folks have the oldest business in Fountain Hills, Gridleys. It was established in 1973. I think a couple of things that sets it apart from the other areas you mentioned are the vast diversity of homes available and the majority of the homes were custom built by independent builders who only built 3 or 4 homes a year focusing on quality and uniqueness. It’s also a small town of 22k where you can have coffee with the Mayor. Try that in Scottsdale! Speaking of coffee, next time you visit let me know and I’ll buy you a cup and share some of our history.

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