Selling Your Home Is Like Building A Brand

When marketing your home for sale it’s like building a brand. A story. Lot’s of little decisions come together to create a compelling offer that a buyer connects with.

How you create this brand matters.

There is a reason why an Apple laptop computer can sell for more than an Asus one. If you want your home to sell for the best possible price you need to stand out from the crowd.

Ken Carbone helps companies to understand and develop their brand. He condenses this process down to 3 words. Unify. Simplify. Amplify.

You can use this clarity to sell your home.


Pick the right real estate agent.

Choose an agent that suits your goals. One that has a brand you can believe in.

You need to create a compelling unified marketing message together so it really should be someone you can work with.

Discuss with your agent the timeline to sell.

Choose someone who works as a real estate professional full time. Part timers cannot help you.

Make your agent aware of all the selling points your home has to offer. Decide on a marketing plan. Sign off on what your agent will do to get your home sold. Come together as a team.


The simplification in the house selling process is identifying who would most likely to buy your home and present in a way thats makes it easy for them to buy.

The story your house tells to people must be one they can understand and connect with easily. Stage your home for sale. Make sure you have beautiful photo’s professionally taken. You should understand what type of person would like to live in your home and your listing should communicate that effortlessly.


Once you have a clear message. People need to hear it. People need to visit your home.

Your agent needs to get the message out to as many outlets as possible. You can never tell which channel a buyer will use to find your home so you must use all of the available ones. Don’t hesitate to ask your agent about the promotion you home is receiving. Ask for a weekly run down. How many other agents viewed the home. How many calls from online.

The amplify step never stops. Not until the home is sold. Your agent needs to keep broadcasting the message to other agents. To buyers. If there’s no interest for a week or a month you need to find new channels to broadcast your home for sale.

Follow these steps to create a home listing that draws on the ideas of great brands. Your home will sell faster and for more money.