Controlling your brand for REALTORS

I was reading an exceptional article today by Roger Sametz discussing the new rules of brand management. Quite a few interesting takeaways if you are interested in branding. Of course as a real estate agent your name is your brand and its importance should not be understated.

On becoming a real estate agent I was very clear that branding was extremely important. One of the very first decisions I made was that I wanted to work with a prestige name who already had an impeccable brand of their own. Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty was the only company I approached after passing my real estate license. I am certain I made the right decision because I am always impressed with the consistency of brand image and the reputation around Scottsdale, AZ. Russ Lyon Sotheby’s  International Realty is a great fit to match with my own personal branding.

One of the great mentions in the article was

Put energy into the pre- and post-box experience. So if your website is hard to navigate, if the needed information is missing, if your social media personas don’t behave in a way that reinforces the vision and value of what you’re offering—and don’t sync up with the prospect’s personal brand image—there could be a full stop.

My goals from day one of working in real estate is to have a clear brand image via this site and reinforce that using facebook, twitter and so on. To put energy into modern, social media’s where I can actually start a dialogue with potential clients and even maybe help my competitors with new ways of interacting.

My brand image is aimed at me meeting with vibrant, successful, tech savvy clients who use the Internet to search for homes themselves before making the decision on which REALTOR to work with. If that sounds like you we should connect sometime.