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  • Photos From Prescott, AZ

    So you may of read about the backstory to today’s road trip to Prescott, AZ. We had a very enjoyable day. We made a day trip of it. The log cabin was really quite charming. With whispers of snow on the ground and a distinctly chill wind in the air. Quite a departure from sunny […]

  • Customer Service in Real Estate

    Today I had some tough decisions to make. But the one thing I knew when making those tough decisions was that I didn’t under any circumstances want to make any compromises to the customer service I am committed to provide my real estate clients. Handling Internet Leads In real estate speak I get quite a […]

  • Phoenix Metro Area Real Estate Internet Search

    So you might of heard that 74% of people use the Internet in their home search. That’s an old number and hard to believe it’s not closer to 95% by now. So everybody is online searching for homes to live in but what market dynamics can we draw from this. Luckily Google shares some of […]