Customer Service in Real Estate

Today I had some tough decisions to make. But the one thing I knew when making those tough decisions was that I didn’t under any circumstances want to make any compromises to the customer service I am committed to provide my real estate clients.

Handling Internet Leads

In real estate speak I get quite a lot of “Internet Leads”. In normal people speak that means calls and emails from people who have seen a property online and are interested in seeing it or finding out more information.

The reason I get a lot of Internet leads is because my site is one of the best real estate sites in Arizona. I can say that with confidence simply because I work tirelessly to keep it up to date with useful content, selecting the best technology partners and staying abreast of Internet protocols and best practices.

The key when you get an Internet lead is to handle them as quickly and efficiently as possible. People searching online are after answers now, not tomorrow.

Prescott, Arizona

Anyways back to the original story.

I was contacted on Wednesday about this property in Prescott. The caller wanted to see the property at a specific time this weekend. I called them back and said sure that would be possible.

My intention was to make life as easy as possible for the customer. I would arrange a showing for them at the exact time and place they wanted. However, Prescott is 100 miles from where I live. So the best thing for me to do is refer the customer to an agent that lives close to the area and knows the local market.

A Glimpse Into How Consumers Feel About Real Estate Agents

So I set about referring this lead to an agent who could handle this customer. Long story short it’s basically impossible to find anyone who is willing to show the home at the correct time and place.

I am bound not to make non complimentary remarks about other REALTORS and I certainly wouldn’t want to do that anyway. But I do understand why consumers can get frustrated. Let’s just say not all agents come from a place of yes.

Road Trip

So I was in a dilemma. I couldn’t find another agent who was ready, willing and able to show the home. So I either had to tell the customer it wasn’t going to be possible or I had to cash the check I had written myself.

Scottsdale, AZ to Prescott, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ to Prescott, AZ

So tomorrow I will be going on a 200 mile roundabout road trip from Scottsdale, AZ to show a log cabin 🙂 I’m going to enjoy the mountain drive, the chill air and probably have a nice lunch in Prescott. You never know I might even sell my first log cabin.

But even if the clients don’t like the home both they and I will know I kept to my word and delivered. That’s worth it.

Wish me luck 🙂

PS. The ironic thing is that by writing this blog post I will most assuredly get more “Internet leads” from Prescott, Arizona.