Cities Pondering Improving Pedestrian Links Between Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland

Since the building work first got underway at Scottsdale Quarter people shopping at Kierland Commons have been discussing how the two developments will link together.

I remember one shopper telling me 2 years a go there would never be co-operation from Phoenix as Kierland was one of it’s better sales tax cash cows. As always with politics it seems finally we do need to look for some co-operation  and sooner rather than later.

Arizona Republic pushed for the release of a recent study commissioned jointly by the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Road is the dividing line between the two cities in this area, and the two high-end shopping centers are across the street from each other. As many as 20 jaywalkers per hour dash across Scottsdale Road to get from one shopping center to the other, the study found.

Read  the full article with the possible ideas to fix the problems at the AZ Republic.

Although a bridge linking the two developments is by far the most expensive option it would be the coolest if done to a very  high architectural standard. A bridge of friendship between two great cities. Also it seems the best option for parents with small children, strollers, people in wheelchairs etc.

Hopefully something gets agreed on soon because 20 people an hour sprinting across 6 lans of Scottsdale Road does not sound like a good plan to me.