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  • Arcadia Phoenix Arizona

    Arcadia Phoenix Arizona is becoming more and more a hot ticket in Phoenix metro real estate. If you’re into a more urban feel neighborhoods with a cool restaurants dining and cafes then you might want to take a drive to Arcadia and check it out. One of my favorite places to get coffee, brunch, or dinner is La Grande Orange Grocery located at 4410 […]

  • Downtown Phoenix

    Think downtown Phoenix is a dull wasteland? This video produced by The Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau helps dispel some of the myths. It’s a cute video and their website is a useful resource for visitors. [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] One of the parts of the video mentions it’s always hot in Phoenix. Right […]

  • The Best Phoenix Zip Codes

    Phoenix is a big place. It dwarfs neighboring cities such as Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. By area, Phoenix is 517 sq miles. Scottsdale just 184 sq miles and Paradise Valley only 16! In general terms the majority of Phoenix is just unknown to me both personally and professionally. I just don’t know the area. But […]

  • Steve Nash

    Phoenix are done for the season. Tonight they will play a meaningless game against one time rivals San Antonio. The Spurs are the number one seed for the playoffs. The Phoenix Suns are the most dreaded 9th spot. The best of the worst. The Suns have seen a host of players come and go in […]

  • WSJ Reports Phoenix Market Could Signal Path For Other Cities

    You may of heard the expression first in, first out. That looks like it may be true for the Phoenix Metro area real estate market. While Phoenix was at one point considered the foreclosure epicenter. The recovery is starting here faster than some of the markets that took longer to be effected. Now real-estate economists […]

  • Modern Phoenix Week

    If you are interested in  mid century modern architecture the perfect event for you is the upcoming Modern Phoenix Week. Our 8th Annual home tour will be held in the Marion Estates neighborhood on the border of Phoenix and Paradise Valley. This hilly enclave of custom homes was built out from 1952 – 1962 and […]