Interview With Shaun Osher | Selling New York

Selling New York is undoubtedly my favorite TV at the moment. It combines two of my passions luxury real estate and New York City. The price tags are higher and the square footages are a LOT lower but the art of the deal remains the same. The show is on HGTV on Thursday nights. You can also watch full episodes online at

Shaun Osher comes across on the show as professional, knowledgeable and with a natural eye for selling real estate in any market. He was interviewed in 2010 by the New York Times.

Selling New York | Shaun Osher
Selling New York | Shaun Osher

Q Is this still a buyer’s market?

A We’re still in a buyer’s market. But I feel that we’re close to the middle ground, which is rare in this market. There’s low inventory, so if you’re a buyer and looking for a real good apartment, there’s not much on the market, which gives the seller an advantage. And because of the economy, there’s still a lack of consumer confidence that was there at the peak. So it’s kind of a balancing factor for the market.

Q How close are we to reaching that middle ground?

A We’re fast approaching, and when we pass it, we’ll be able to see it in our rear-view mirror.

Q What do buyers want?

A Things that make sense. People are not interested in excess — amenities that don’t make sense.

Q Such as?

A Putting green on a roof, screening rooms, certain sports facilities that take up too much square footage. The things that are most valuable are used day to day: storage space, the parking spot, the doorman.

Read the full interview here.

One day maybe after my boys have flown the nest maybe I’ll attempt to sell luxury real estate in New York City but for the foreseeable future my markets of choice remain Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale.