Classic Forbes Post About a North Scottsdale Mansion

While checking out some of my traffic to this site coming from google, the keywords people use to find my site are intriguing, insightful and useful for future posts, I came across a classic article in Forbes.

The post is not dated. But if you look at the url you will see /2002/02/08/ in the structure. That makes me think this post was from  February 2002.

North Scottsdale Mansion
North Scottsdale Mansion

One interesting take away was from the end of the article.

A large reason for the price tag may be because the property lies on some of the most exclusive real estate in Arizona (Northern Scottsdale) and offers prime views of Pinnacle Peak. And in an area that’s become renowned for its luxury real estate market, prime real estate is still prime real estate–regardless of the recession.

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It’s hard to remember that real estate was having a recession back around the time of the dot com bust because of the explosive growth seen almost immediately after.

I had a quick look in the MLS and there was a listing at $35,000,000. But it eventually expired in 2003.

I’m sure this house is an intriguing story. Maybe the home is still occupied by the original owners or maybe it’s 10 acres was later chopped in to some premium parcels for development. One thing I do know is there’s a lot of people who do wish they were living in an allergy free home at this time of year, although not everyone needs quite 27,000 square feet.