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  • Phoenix Market On Fire

    According to Forbes Phoenix is one of the local real estate markets that is on fire right now for real estate sales. Source: Forbes. The Forbes numbers show a 44% drop in inventory year over year and a 33% rise in prices in the same period. Of course that’s looking at the whole metro area […]

  • Visiting Scottsdale

    I love Scottsdale. Ever since my first visit I’ve been in love. So I love it when Scottsdale gets positive press. Today Forbes ran an article on “Why You Should Visit Scottsdale Now.” Great title for an article. For a city that gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it doesn’t take much […]

  • Classic Forbes Post About a North Scottsdale Mansion

    While checking out some of my traffic to this site coming from google, the keywords people use to find my site are intriguing, insightful and useful for future posts, I came across a classic article in Forbes. The post is not dated. But if you look at the url you will see /2002/02/08/ in the structure. […]