Jennifer Lopez’s Beautifully Designed New California Home

Sometimes you come across an article or blog post that you just have to share. Today Veranda magazine provided just such a feature, about the new design for J Lo’s California residence.

Stunning Serene staircase

Stunning Serene staircase

The designer, Michelle Workman, looks to have done an outstanding job judging by the pictures.

“Jennifer and I wanted elegance, but we didn’t want it to look stuffy or conservative or serious,” says Workman. “We wanted it to be graceful, with just enough sparkle.”

Classic Living Room

Classic Living Room

I love this living room design. What a great place to relax after a hard day judging American Idol.

To read the full article and see more pictures click here.

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  1. Amy Bliss says:

    Very nice Marta

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