Frank Llyod Wright and Taliesin West

If you live in Arizona you can’t help but be aware of theĀ presenceĀ of Frank Llyod Wright. From streets named in his honor to a few gem buildings dotted around.

Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona

Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona

I didn’t know much about his life but today I was reading a great article by Shinan Govani in the National Post, a Canadian leading newspaper. It seems his love life was quite scandalous for the times.

In researching this post I also found out that the Arizona Biltmore resort is not officially a Frank Lloyd Wright building. He merely acted as consultant to lead architect Albert Chase MacArthur. Intriguing.

You can visit Taliesin West daily between 9am and 4pm. It’s a great place to visit if you are local or from out of town.

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  1. Mike Binder says:

    Do yourself a favor and take one of the Taliesin tours. Amazing and visionary! It’s sad to see the city encroaching on the site, but cool to imagine it way out in the middle of nowhere years ago. Also, you can tour the students dwellings, which they design and build themselves as part of their schooling.

  2. Marta Walsh says:

    Thank’s Mike. I’m planning to soon. I drive past it most days, just never had a chance to stop in.

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