Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Sometimes people say things so well, and with such brevity that it’s really hard to beat. Shaun Osher, who stars in reality real estate show Selling New York, posted a blog post about why he feels properties don’t sell fast.

1. It is way too overpriced!
This is usually the number one reason.
How does it compare to the other listings that just went into contract?
If something is slightly overpriced, you should still get offers. If it is way overpriced, it will be dead quiet.

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As always price is listed first. If the price is wrong buyers just can’t get over the fact. You have to price a home for sale at least in the area where people are ready to make an offer, if the price is too high buyers will just think the seller is delusional and inflexible and won’t come in with even low offers.

However, price as Shaun points out isn’t everything. The founder of website ForSaleByOwner.com found this out after trying to sell his apartment on his own for some time. Once listed with a broker it sold quickly for $150,000 more than he was originally asking.

Marketing is everything. If your home is not selling. You feel your price is not unreasonable. Contact me to work out the ways great marketing can help.