The 3 P’s of Selling Your House

Selling a house takes a combination of factors. Here are the three things you should make sure are in place if you want your home to sell fast.


You need to have a good product. That means doing the small things to make sure your home is an attractive proposition to buyers. This can mean many different things. For a high end luxury listing that is vacant that can mean getting the home staged to fully showcase the lifestyle. For a fixer upper it can mean just getting a quote on the cost of replacing the roof, so buyers know what they are buying.

Your agent is part of creating the product. Make sure the photo’s and description in the multiple listing service and online truly reflect the product you are trying to sell.


People buy houses. Therefore it’s important you get people viewing your house as soon as it hits the market. Showings are the first barometer you have. Not enough showings and either  your price, product or both are not working out.

If you suspect your product is off investigate your real estate agents work to date. Google around, see how the home looks on Zillow, Are the photo’s good quality? Is there a virtual tour or video? Has your home been visited by lots of agents, was therre a brokers open house?

If you are getting showings but no offers you will urgently need to consider price.


Priced outrageously high for what the market will stand a home will just not get showings. No people equals no offers.

Slightly overpriced to market will result in more showings but still no offers.

Many times sellers will say things like “I wanted to leave room to negotiate” or “I was expecting some lowball offers”.

This just doesn’t happen. There is a reason why half of the products in a grocery store are marked down in price or advertised as a special price. People are extremely price sensitive. They in the most part do not make low ball offers on traditional sale homes because they don’t think it’s worth the time to deal with a seller who is not priced well.


Get your 3 P’s right and your home will sell. Make an error in just one area and it likely will not sell in the time period you had hoped. My main advice though is to focus very heavily on the product first. Price will reveal itself if it’s a problem. But you only get one chance to make a first impression with your product. Really make sure you pick an agent with excellent marketing skills, textual descriptions and professional photography are so so important.

If you want to guarantee your 3 P’s are in place just give me a call 🙂