Real Estate Virtual Tours

If you are selling your home one tool your agent may use in the marketing is a virtual tour.

Adding a virtual tour is most common in the luxury end of the market but of the 1,339 homes listed in our MLS only 645 have a virtual tour added. So less than 50% of agents are adding them even on luxury homes.

Should I expect a virtual tour?

In my mind yes.

The simplest reason is photography.

A virtual tour looks disastrous with poor amateur photography. So by asking your agent to do a virtual tour you are letting them know photography is important to you in selling your home. The MLS is littered with bad photo’s even in the luxury market.

The second reason is Internet traffic. Every place you can get your property listed online is another chance for a buyer to consider your home.

Virtual Tour Statistics
Virtual Tour Statistics

That’s 208 possible buyers viewing the tour in the first 2 weeks of the listing. 208 chances to sell.

I understand some people may question the value of still photography floating around to jazzy music. But I always order a virtual tour for my clients because of the extra Internet traffic it can attract.

Here is the Google advertising over the week before the same home went under contract, it cost me $23 just to get 49 visitors from Google, although this traffic was super targeted.

Pay Per Click Advertising For Real Estate
Pay Per Click Advertising For Real Estate

I’m actually going to be participating in the launch of a new type of virtual tour with That will make real estate virtual tours mobile friendly.

If you were interested here is the virtual tour this post is inspired by. But remember this home went under contract in just 8 days.