Real Estate Search Engine Terms

When marketing homes online the very first thing you want to know is exactly what people are searching for. Luckily there is a way to find that out.

Almost all real estate professionals do not incorporate this analysis into their listings.

I just wanted to show you some of the simple examples of which search terms are more popular than others. The results can be fine tuned to be national or local results.

Keyword Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches (United States)
property 301000 18100
properties 60500 12100
houses 90500 40500
house 1500000 450000
homes 165000 60500
home 1000000 165000

Interesting results right? But it’s not the full story. The reason house > home is mainly to do with a popular TV medical drama you may of seen on Fox.

So the key when targeting online keywords is to use a broad basket of terms to see exactly what people are searching. Most people use what are known as long tail terms to find what they want. The long tail is terms with a mix of keywords and phrases combined to make a search.

If you are thinking to list your home for sale it is a fair question to ask of a potential listing agent what search terms they feel people will be using online to find your home.

Online marketing isn’t everything. But it is the starting point for 90% of home searches so it’s certainly a place you want your home placed prominently.