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  • North Scottsdale Subdivision of the Day | Pima Acres

    Last night I was previewing two large homes on acre estates in the Pima Acres area of north Scottsdale. The photo was a little blurry. The reason for that is let me tell you, Pima Acres at night is dark. Super dark. Driving a long Sierra Pinta at night is a challenge there is almost […]

  • North Scottsdale | Communities Map | Major Subdivisions

    I love North Scottsdale. In my opinion it has some of the best real estate in the whole of the Southwest. Everything from $10,000,000 luxury estates to smaller condo’s in the lower 300’s. Much of North Scottsdale is divided in to master planned communities. Our always friend google offers a nice way for people not […]

  • Buying A Second Home In Scottsdale

    As a REALTOR based in North Scottsdale it never ceases to amaze me just how many people come to Arizona to purchase a second or vacation home. If you are just beginning you search how do you narrow down the areas you might be interested to search with a Real Estate Agent for property? Well […]