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  • Scottsdale Real Estate | The Numbers

    Time to gather some numbers from the Arizona MLS to see where we are at with real estate in Scottsdale. All numbers taken directly from the live MLS this morning. Single family homes fully active for sale in Scottsdale: 1,608. Under $1 million only: 1,106. All homes currently for sale including those under contract 2,527. […]

  • Luxury Rentals in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley

    The rental market in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley is on fire recently. In part because many of the people who were foreclosed on or short sold their home after the market correction from 2006 need somewhere to live. Getting a mortgage again for them is either extremely difficult or impossible. Many are well qualified renters, […]

  • Mainstream Media Starting To Be Optimistic About Home Prices

    The media can greatly influence the mood of the nation. That’s why even people who have had good financial fortune in the last few years still feel the recession. Time magazine published an article that makes the case for real estate being the investment to be in as the decade evolves. Falling home prices plus […]