Average Days on the Market

Once you make the decision to sell your home it can take some time to actually get a sale. In the recent market sellers have needed patience.

The charts below are average days on the market trends.

As you can see from the charts. After January 2008 there was a steep climb in the average time it took to sell a home in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley market.

How Do Average Days on the Market Affect You?

Well the main thing for home sellers is to understand the trend. Some good homes are accumulating what would be seen traditionally as high days on the market. It’s not always that the homes are over priced.

It’s just the pool of qualified buyers has been low. It’s not that easy to qualify for a loan these days.

If life circumstances force you to look for a faster sale you may need to price your home aggressively otherwise just be aware days on the market are still more than a ‘normal’ market. So adjust expectations accordingly.