Travelling to Scottsdale, AZ

The weather in Scottsdale this time of year is amazing. Although it is actually a little cloudy today as I write this. So we see a huge influx of visitors too the area. The Phoenix Open is on so we have a ton of golfers in town and many of them consider homes here due to the great practice options for golf.

Here’s one piece of advice.

Don’t book your plane ticket on the weekend. According to the fares tend to be higher on weekends. I never knew that before!

Though prices fluctuate frequently and the ups and downs of airline prices can frustrate and anger consumers, airline pricing actually does follow a cycle during the week. Many sales, in which some seats are discounted by 15% to 25% typically, are launched Monday night.

Scottsdale is an amazing place to visit but perhaps next time you book a trip to visit pick up the air tickets on a Tuesday. On the other hand if you are flying in on a private jet you don’t need to worry!