Top 5 mistakes Real Estate Blogs Make

I was reading The Top 15 Mistakes Bloggers Make by Amitabh Shukla and I decided to make my own version of the list but in reference to Real Estate and Realtor blogs.

Here’s the list.

1. Not updating enough. There is nothing worse than seeing a link to a blog and want to find out about what a person is doing and thinking only to find out they last updated 6 weeks ago. If you are going to call it a blog, that should be a regular web log anything less is not a blog.

2. Lack of personality in the blog. The point of a REALTOR’s blog is to really allow people to get to know you, what you stand for, what interests you and potentially why they should work with you. Don’t be afraid to inject yourself into your posts, real estate is more about people than property.

3. Blog is too hidden. Don’t hide your blog as an after thought on an otherwise static site. I prefer to make my real estate agent website and blog merge together as one and I use WordPress to enable me to do that. If you have a blog make sure people can find posts easily from your main website, embed latest posts etc. Do not just have one link ‘blog’ and think thats enough.

4. Not using social media. Ok so you’ve written about a great new listing you have on your blog what next. Well there’s many ways to get your post read, starting with RSS but going on to Twitter, Facebook it’s your job to let people know what you’ve written.

5. Lack of multimedia. People like to see pictures and videos. It engages them. Blogging is seen as good for search engine rankings and it is the text element is important for that but your readers like pictures. North Scottsdale is so beautiful I can’t help but infuse pictures of me exploring the lanscapes, architecture and fun things to do here.

If you are a REALTOR using blogging to reach out to existing clients, create a dialogue and maybe find new clients try and avoid some of the mistakes above and you should be able to meet your real estate goals even faster.


Marta Walsh
Marta Walsh