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  • Tommy Hilfiger Has Hotel Designs

    New York City Real Estate. According to an article by Craig Karmin in the wsj.com: ” Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger, known for his preppy American style, is hoping that same formula can catch on in the increasingly design-conscious hotel industry. Mr. Hilfiger and a business partner have signed a contract to pay $170 million for the […]

  • Empire State of Mind | Empire State Building Turns 80

    Yesterday one of the most iconic pieces of real estate in America turned 80 years old. Quite fitting given the other news events that transpired yesterday. Dubbed the worlds most famous office building, the Empire State Building was officially opened May 1st 1931 making yesterday it’s 80th birthday. It stands 381 metres and 102 stories […]

  • Carefree Arizona Gets Hail

    The beautiful town of Carefree Arizona gets hail. It looks like New York’s recent snow blizzard is contiguous. Few minutes before driving back to North Scottsdale doing my REALTOR work for the day a big hail storm arrived. It was first for me. I must say it was fun and beautiful because seeing hail and New York style freezing temperatures in the desert is so novel. […]