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  • Big Money Is Buying Arizona Real Estate. Are You?

    When institutional investors start pouring money into an asset class sometimes it’s time to take notice. There are investors who just try to find out what Warren Buffett is buying so they can mirror his portfolio. Not a bad idea given the Oracle’s returns. Right now institutional money is flowing in to Arizona real estate. The Cromford […]

  • Warren Buffett Would Buy Millions Of Single Family Homes

    If it was logistically possible. Buffett made the remarks on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Watch the video. While is not really possible for Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to invest 10’s of billions of dollars into individual single family homes, that is not stopping investors on a slightly smaller scale. Many, many buyers are reporting frustration when shopping […]

  • Scottsdale Remodeling Trends

    The following post is purely based on what I’ve been seeing from visiting homes. These are homes that in general are in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley normally in the more luxury end of the market. I’ve been looking at homes that have been involved in distressed sales and then have come back to market after […]

  • Cash = King

    The old adage rings cash is king. 2011 was the poster child for cash. Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) is reporting that in 2011 47% of of it’s subscribers deals were cash. No mortgage, no 3  party financing just good old fashioned cash. If you look at approximate numbers, ARMLS is reporting a hair over 100,000 […]