Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Market Snapshot

When I sit a home open I like to have some general market information to give out to clients. This helps them put the home they are viewing into context of the bigger market especially if they are just really getting started with their home search.

Watch the video taken today. Pretty amazing weather for early January 🙂

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Today at my opn house in beautiful Cactus Acres I was handing out a document I created that I call:

Scottsdale Luxury Market Snapshot

Focusing on million dollar homes, it is a general snapshot of what closed in the last year and how much inventory is currently listed for sale. Of course for my actual clients I provide much deeper reporting. But this is a nice taste of what’s been happening.

Here’s a scan of what I was handing out.

Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Market Snapshot

Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Market Snapshot


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