Buying a Home in Scottsdale in Todays Market

The market has changed. Buying a home in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley is not the walk in the park it was the last few years.

You know the bloated inventory, the low ball offers and the plentiful short sales and lender owned.

Now we have lower inventory. More buyers than sellers and generally less distressed properties.

So here’s my advice for buyers.

1. Get Organized.

I never suggest rushing into buying a home. But when you find the home you love it really helps to be ready to submit an offer. That process can start even a year before you are ready. Tidying up credit scores, saving for a down payment. Once you decide you are ready to buy have a mortgage pre-qualification done and in hand because you can’t submit an offer otherwise.

2. Get Real

It’s not 2009. It’s no longer a buyers market. The faster you get comfortable with that the more successful you will be in your search.

Do you have to pay 2006 prices? No. Just be aware we are moving off the bottom.

3. Get Busy

The market is moving very fast at the moment. That means both you and your agent have to be active. Your agent looking for new opportunities daily. You in being flexible with viewing times. I’m finding the early bird is catching the worm.

4. Make an Offer.

Yes it’s not the buyers market it was a couple of years ago. But one advice is make an offer. Find a home you love and just make an offer. If your agent has ok negotiation skills there’s a good chance for a deal. Even when it’s a sellers market, once there is a real deal on the table everything becomes negotiable.

I don’t advise low balling like crazy but I do advise make an offer formal. Verbal offers don’t bring the seller to the table but a written offer even if low does.

Keep Calm and Make An Offer