Arizona Real Estate in Summer

This has been about the hottest week of the summer so far. For everything except real estate. What is the most feverish real estate selling season on the east coast is our quiet time.

The Statistics


July Listings Added July Listings Sold August Listings Added August Listings Sold
85253 54 48 14 7
85258 114 87 33 24


July Listings Added July Listings Sold
85253 48 39
85258 84 45

The Analysis

This time of year not a lot is happening in general. So if you have an active listing don’t expect the same volume of showings as in February.

But also don’t think there aren’t opportunities in this market. If you are a seller buyers don’t have many homes to choose from right now and so they are waiting for any new homes coming to market that meet their needs. So while there are few buyers actively looking now the ones that are tend to be the more serious ones and you are almost guaranteed to get their attention.