10 Most Expensive Rentals in Scottsdale

For some people renting a home right now is a great option. It gives you a chance to try out a neighborhood before committing, or gives flexibility if your job is mobile and it may even be the smartest choice for you financially.

For the economics of owning versus renting, here is a great blog post by James Kwak which serves as an opinion piece reaction to a Kansas City Fed publication “The Effectiveness of Homeownership in Building Household Wealth” by Jordan Rappaport.

Economics aside, you don’t have to compromise on luxury if you are planning to rent in Scottsdale. For the renter that has a budget of over $10,000 a month you can pick one of the 10 most expensive rentals available currently. Luxury estates, resort style pools, huge amounts of square footage are all available right now.

To see the list of the top 10 Scottsdale rentals see below and if you are thinking to rent in Scottsdale please give me a call.10 Most Expensive Rentals Available in Scottsdale
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