Tip For Homes Sellers – Listing Private Remarks

There is one part of home listing that doesn’t appear in online real estate sites like zillow.com etc. That is the private remarks REALTORS leave for other REALTORS. The field in the Arizona Multiple Listing Service is know as Private Remarks – DND2, where DND stands for Do Not Disclose.

When you are handed a listing sheet at the top in red you will normally see text that designates it as Client’s Copy. An agent can chose in the MLS to print either an agent’s copy which includes the private remarks or a client copy which does not include them.

What Type of Info is Included in Private Remarks – DND2?

Well it can be all sort of useful information.

Special instructions about where to find the lockbox. Or it’s code. Animals that can’t be allowed to escape. Specific instructions that relate to the sale, especially if it’s a short sale for example.

It’s good not for all the information to be online. Bad people can use Google too to find out if properties are vacant etc.

But sometimes I find comments in the private remarks that I don’t feel the home owner would want there.

Ask Your Agent What is Contained in the Private Remarks Section of Your Home Listing

I think everyone who is selling their home should know exactly what is written in private remarks.

As a home seller you want it to be as easy as possible for someone to buy your home.

Some agents are writing things in the private remarks that don’t make it easy.

Examples of Unhelpful Private Remarks

All offers must only be faxed to 480-xxx-xxxx.

Personally I would want an agent who can handle both fax and email seamlessly. Many can’t.

All offers must use XYZ Title Company.

If you approved this limitation because you specifically want to work with one title company in your home sale great. It should be included. Most of the time it’s something agents put there for their own reasons and is a limitation on buyers that simply shouldn’t be there.

All buyers must pre-qualify with XYZ Mortgage Company

You will see this a lot on lender owned properties. The lender wants offers pre-qualified with one of their loan officers. They already took a bath on the home maybe they can pick up extra mortgage business this way. This is fair and makes sense.

Sometimes I see this on traditional sales though. Does the seller really care who the buyer gets pre-qualified with? Or is the agent mandating it for their own reasons.

If I was a lifelong JP Morgan Chase customer, with a valid Pre-qualification in my hand from them, would I want to get pre-qualified again with some specific loan officer because it benefits your agent. The answer is no.

Everything in the Private Remarks Should Be About Making Getting Offers Easier

You have the right to know what your agent is writing in the private remarks section. Ask them. Make sure everything there is about making it easy for buyers to make offers on your home.