Paradise Valley and Cave Creek Wealthiest Towns in Arizona

I only just stumbled upon this article from September in the Phoenix Business Journal discussing income levels among various Arizona cities.

Here’s the data

Households with incomes of $150,000 or higher Population (2009 estimate)
Paradise Valley 48.08% 14738
Cave Creek 25.59% 5149
Carefree 24.95% 3814
Fountain Hills 20.86% 24795
Scottsdale 18.91% 233105
Phoenix 7.21% 1536632

Here is the same data visualized.

Income By Arizona City
Income By Arizona City





Paradise Valley in the top position was obvious but I was more surprised to see Cave Creek higher than Carefree. And also surprised to see Scottsdale above Fountain Hills.

According to numbers pulled from the MLS. The average sold prices of home sales in Cave Creek so far this year is only $321,277 compared to $538,919 for Carefree. So I think their are some statistical anomalies in play, most probably to do with who is considered a resident.