Is It A Good Time To Buy in Paradise Valley

Often you will hear people say “It’s a great time to buy!”.

In some ways thats true it’s always a great time to buy if it’s a house you really love at a price you are happy with.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Real Estate In Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is still hovering fairly close to the bottom. So surely now would be a good time in Paradise Valley.

But I am working buyers in Paradise Valley currently and it’s not working out to be tha great a time to be shopping for homes.

One reason.

Low Inventory

Prices are ok but the amount of homes to chose from is limited. Buyers in Paradise Valley tend to be million dollar customers. And they have million dollar wish lists.

Paradise Valley Homes For Sale
Paradise Valley Homes For Sale

Only 287 single family homes active for sale to choose from. That’s not very many. Considering it spans price ranges from $500,000 to $20,000,000.

So if you showed buyers transported from 2006 what was available they wouldn’t believe the prices. But the choice is underwhelming.

So it’s really a great time to buy if only you can find the home you love.