The Most Happening Chinese Place in North Scottsdale

Imagine you’ve just flown in from Michigan or Idaho or some other place where it’s below freezing almost all the time in the winter. You touch down in North Scottsdale. Unpack your shorts. Check out all the facilities of your luxury seasonal rental. Maybe even swing by the clubhouse and reserve tomorrows tee off time.

All this kind of activity can make you pretty hungry. And you are craving Chinese food. But not just any chinese food. Because lets face it desert Chinese food doesn’t really seem to compare very favorably to the East coast variety.But there is one place in North Scottsdale that is delivering some great food in a happening atmosphere.

I know exactly what it’s like to land in a new town and crave some delicious Wor wonton soup to settle the travelers stomach. Each time I travel to Beverly Hills one of the first things I do is make reservations at Xi’an. I love the food, and the atmosphere and of course being just off Rodeo Drive you never know which celebrity will be at the table next to you.

So what’s the most happening Chinese joint in North Scottsdale? I’m saying hands down it’s:

Jade Palace

Jade Palace | Chinese Cuisine | North Scottsdale, AZ
Jade Palace | Chinese Cuisine | North Scottsdale, AZ

I really like the atmosphere at the bar as you wait for a table to be readied. Everyone seems to have a warm welcome for you.

The food is yummy too. My test of Chinese food is almost always the Wonton soup. If that sucks, I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of the food. At Jade Palace a big bowl of Wor Wonton soup for two was a warming and substantial start to the meal and was a delicate broth warming generous packets of flavor.

The one caveat I have for Jade Palace and that is I do not enjoy their two other locations nearly as much. So I say stick to the North Scottsdale Rd location.

So if you are a snowbird fresh into town and looking for great chinese food in the North Scottsdale area of town be sure to give Jade Palace a go.