Simple Ways To Delight Your Customers

Sometimes it’s the little things that people notice. The small things you can to do please people with something they didn’t even know was a problem.

One of the best executions of this I have seen recently is the brand new Target shopping carts! These carts are the Bentley of shopping carts. So much so that more than just me has been driven to write about them, quite a few blog posts pop up when you search google.

New Target Shopping Cart
New Target Shopping Cart now in North Scottsdale

These carts are are even award winning.

If you haven’t come across these carts yet the only Target store I’ve found to have them locally is the store at Frank Llyod Wrights and 90th street. I am not kidding when I say these carts are worth checking out. When I go to Target the cart gets inevitably heavy but this cart just doesn’t seem to get weighed down. It glides around the store. Genius for the shopper, genius for the store as you can pile it high and not once think its time to hit the checkouts.

Everyone knew creaky ten year old metal impossible to move carts were annoying, it seems only Target decided to delight their customers to fix it.

Always be looking for small things to do that can delight your customers.