Huge Home Under Construction in Paradise Valley

Just the other day I was writing about the 5 Largest Homes For Sale in Paradise Valley. A house that is soon to be built is going to blow all of these mere 20,000 square foot estates away.

Arizona Foothills is reporting that 100,000 square foot mega estate is going to be built in Silverleaf. I’ve seen some big homes in Silverleaf and DC Ranch but that size is taking things to a whole new level.

100,000 Square Foot Masterpiece in Silverleaf
100,000 Square Foot Masterpiece in Silverleaf

This ‘smart house’ has everything from an indoor bowling alley, basketball court and pool to underground caves, secret passages and staff quarters. It will have the first residential IMAX movie theater, multiple interior garages, zip lines across courtyards from one part of the house to another, multiple pool complexes with waterfalls, hidden grottos, a lazy river and a three-story night club for the cherry on top. Erik Peterson AIA, president of Peterson Architecture said, “This is such an exciting project for us to be a part of because we don’t usually get to do grottos and zip lines and things that are over the top!”

Read the Full Story on AZ Foothills.

Surely this will become the most expensive private residence in Arizona. It’s not easy to find comparable homes to even make a comparison. However I checked in the Arizona MLS and found that since January 1st 2010 there have been 9 homes sold in Silverleaf.

Average Sale Price: $5,433,379
Average Square Foot: 9,401
Average Price Per Square Foot: $594.44

The highest priced sale per square foot was $792.07 that would make the value of a 100,000 square foot home a whooping $80 million.

Now thats what I call a house.