Five Simple Ways For Selling Your House Faster

As a real estate agent in North Scottsdale its my experience that the best way to sell a home is with no one living in it yet with beautiful staged furniture. While this is a perfect scenario not all my clients are in a position to vacate their current home just to help it sell. So here are a few tips to make your home show just that little bit better.


Prospective buyers like to imagine themselves living in a home they are viewing. That means they like to think about their own taste in decor, furniture etc. One nicely framed photograph on a nice piece of furniture is great, every picture of your children ever taken on display not so much. Remember you are trying to sell your house, you can take a bit of you out of it for a while.


Nothing makes a house feel smaller than it really is than too much clutter. Don’t give buyers the impression you are stuffed into a house and struggling for space.If you are serious about selling a house make a plan. That to me involves going through your entire house and working out all the things you can live without until you move into your new home.

Spare golf clubs, 300 pairs of shoes, 5 years supply of olive oil from Costco what ever it is causing clutter its got to go. My advice is to rent a storage space locally, they are cheap and you can drop boxes off over time without the need to hire a van. The extra space will make your home feel much bigger.

Deep clean

Nothing turns people off a home faster than dirt. Clean, clean and clean some more. Spider webs, streaky windows, half used toiletries. They all have got to go!

Curb appeal

You might of heard something about first impressions being made in the first 20 seconds. It’s as true for houses as it is for people. Anything you can do to improve the look of your front yard or approach to the door will help. So many people enter their home via the garage these days that they forget to check how the front approach is. Noone likes entering a houses through a pile of leaves!

Childrens Rooms

If your house is being marketed mainly towards families make at least one room somewhat appealing to children as a possible bedroom. Your own children may of flown the nest or be teenagers but just dressing one room with some vibrant child like colors and a few toys can do wonders. If you buy a few toys you can always donate them to a local charity after you sell your home, so its a win win.

These are some simple tips for showing a house that is lived in. Nothing here costs much if any money but really can back up your REALTORS marketing plan for the house. We have some beautiful properties here in North Scottsdale. It’s always best for me to show them looking their best.

Selling your home fast takes a commitment from a good real estate agent to a marketing plan but also a commitment from you the seller to show your home at it’s best.

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Posted by Marta Walsh.