Scottsdale Ranch

One of the biggest and most desirable master communities in North Scottsdale is Scottsdale Ranch.

Lake Serena at Scottsdale Ranch

Lake Serena at Scottsdale Ranch

It has a wide variety of properties mixing single family home and multi family apartments and condo’s. When I first moved to Scottsdale the first place I lived was the Raquet Club within the Scottsdale Ranch community.

Many people first notice Scottsdale Ranch as they are driving along Shea Blvd and suddenly see a beautiful lake off to the side of the road. Living in the desert your eyes are surprised to suddenly see such a lush oasis. Lake Serena is actually 42 acreas stocked with bass and catfish and is free to use for all Scottsdale Ranch residents.

Because of the variety of properties there is a home for many different budgets. Check the properties below to see whats is for sales currently in Scottsdale Ranch.

Scottsdale Ranch Homes For Sale

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