Renting in Carefree

Recently I was on a trip to the east coast and on my travels bumped into many interesting people from New York, Massachusetts and Illinois. Most of them have heard of Scottsdale and associate it will being a vacation destination. However, very few know about the town of Carefree, probably because it’s quite a lot smaller.

You don’t have to own real estate their to spend some time living there. There is a good market for both seasonal and long term rentals. Because of the limited number of properties and the desirable nature of the town prices can be a little higher in Carefree than a comparable property in Scottsdale.

Below are the 5 most expensive properties listed for rent in the town of Carefree. If renting in Carefree is something you are considering be sure to give me a call.

5 Most Expensive Rentals in Carefree, Arizona
[idx-listings city=”Carefree” propertytypes=”283″ orderby=”Price” orderdir=”DESC” count=”5″ showlargerphotos=”true”]