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  • How To Find The Value of Your Home

    It can be useful to know the value of your home for a number of reasons. Making sure your home owners insurance coverage is adequate, your proprty tax assessment is fair, and if you are considering either a mortgage refinance or moving. One tool many people use to find the value of their home is […]

  • Why Zillow Can Confuse Homebuyers

    This post is not about the Zestimate. I actually think the Zestimate is not a bad tool and is pretty accurate a lot of the time. The issue I notice is more to do with buyers thinking homes are available for sale that are technically not. There’s a big kerfuffle currently going on in real […]

  • Zillow Price Data For Phoenix Metro Area

    A lot of consumers pay attention to Zillow’s house pricing features. Their Zestimate is often mentioned by prospective house sellers when asked what they think their home is worth. Zillow released a new round of data today. Stating the median Phoenix metro home is worth $122,900. Phoenix Metro posted another month on month loss. What […]

  • Which Real Estate Website Do You Visit Most?

    A lot of people are interested in real estate. Of course it’s where we live, and our home means a lot more to us than just bricks and mortar. If you go for dinner with a group of 8 people it always seems that real estate makes it’s ways to the discussion topics. People have […]