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  • Institutional Investors Buying Traditional Sales

    Mike Orr of ASU published in his The popular impression is that institutional investors buy their homes in bulk from a bank’s foreclosure inventory or at trustee sale. The reality is very different. If we examine all of Blackstone’s purchases since they first hit the Maricopa County area in April 2012, the vast majority were […]

  • Real Estate Inventory Rising Steadily

    The Cromford report are reporting total inventory now at 3.5 months supply. Where the normal range is considered 3.5 to 5.5 months of supply. Prices have risen recently because the months supply was below the norm. Less houses to choose from equals higher bids on the good ones. However these price rises have on a […]

  • Paradise Valley Real Estate Report

    The Phoenix Metro area is one of the stand out real estate markets as the nation recovers from the downturn. Prices have risen considerably since the bottom. But has this price gain trickled up all the way to the luxury market? The easiest test of the luxury market in Arizona is Paradise Valley. It is […]

  • Paradise Valley Market Snapshot

    This weekend I was in Paradise Valley. I was sitting an open house in the northern edges of PV. Just on the opposite side of the road from Gainey Ranch. One of the handouts I was giving to visitors was some stats on the Paradise Valley real estate market. Real estate isn’t only about statistics […]

  • Paradise Valley | Real Estate Statistics | Inventory

    When it boils down to it real estate like every other marketplace is driven by supply and demand. Paradise Valley is always going to be a limited supply type of market. It’s not very big. The homes are all on an acre, with a few exceptions and anomalies. But for a while during the housing […]